I'll Meet You There.

It's no joke. 
A Tantrik yogi, a Sufi poet, and a Jungian analyst walk into a bar…
What happens next is a playful exploration of the entire universe–and your most meaningful place within it: the Middle Way. 

The middle way is tragically misunderstood. It has been called “wishy-washy” or “ineffective.” But the middle way is truly the most meaningful–most powerful–place you can be. It is the starting point for the journey of the ages. It marks the path of the mystic visionaries, the peace warriors, and the wisdom sages. It is a place where Tantra, Bhakti, and Deep Psychology meet.
The Middle Way is the only way for real healing in this divided world. I'll meet you there.

Join me live, in-person, for practices of empowerment to rebalance your being and remember your powerful center. Sail into the mystic seas of Tantra Yoga & Deep Psychology to celebrate the Equinox of Soul, and to discover the promises of the Middle Way:
  • You are whole.
  • You are the creative power of the universe.
  • You can change the world. 
  • You are not alone.
Take this life-changing step into your soul's quest for freedom. This weekend of MIDDLE WAY ACTIVISM will invite you to lighten your load, heal your relations, and remind you of your infinite creative power.
If you are ready to make a meaningful transformation, the most powerful path is the Middle Way. 
(CEUs are available for Certified Yoga Teachers.)
Celebrate the Equinox of Soul
September 24-27
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe Community Yoga

R.R. Shakti, Ph.D. invites you to be a Soul Artist. Weaving World Mythology with mind/body practice, she guides you home to your deepest wisdom.

Shakti has studied holistic approaches to wellness for over 20 years. She holds a PhD in Mythology and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is a certified Yoga Therapist, licensed Massage Therapist, and Ayurvedic Consultant. She infuses esoteric teachings with real-life meaning to facilitate embodied ritual that is both mystical and practical. Her teachings call for radical authenticity and deep human connection to activate an awakening of one's inner power.
In her dynamic workshops, Shakti combines ecological awareness, soul stories, and mind/body integration to offer an inspired message of peace and personal empowerment.

Among her greatest inspirations, Shakti counts Sreedevi Bringi, Marion Woodman, and Pema Chödrön.
The time is NOW. 
The middle way is the most powerful place you can possibly be.
It is the only way for true healing in this divided world.

This is an important and timely teaching.
I want to make it accessible for all.
That is why we have set the investment price:
only $108
for the entire weekend!
I'll meet you there.
or get the zoom code to join from anywhere!

(in person space is limited to 15 participants!) 
Check out the entire weekend schedule, below:
Friday, 9/24
NIGHT ONE | Into the Mystic

6:45-8:30 pm MT
While the rest of the world may try to *de-mystify* the profound path of the middle way, we will dive directly into the deep end of it. As we sail straight into the mystic, you will discover a Love beyond all opposites, Peace beyond all conditioned experience, and Freedom beyond all fears.

On the first night of MIDDLE | WAY | ACTIVISM, we will weave together Tantrik teachings, Buddhist practices, and Deep Psychology to reveal a world that promises more meaning, more potential, and more fun for this human experience.

Saturday, 9/25
MORNING ONE | Celebrate the Equinox of Soul

9-10:30 am MT
Practice Inner Power Yoga āsana & meditation. Experience the sunrise/sunset balance of your solar core. 
NIGHT TWO | Unpack Your Bags

6:30-8:30 pm MT
Erika Badu sang it straight when she cooed: “Pack light…”
Trevor Hall echoes the sentiment in his song: “Put down what you are carrying.”

On the second night of MIDDLE | WAY | ACTIVISM you will certainly hear some good music as you tune in to the song of your own heart. Hear it telling you that its time to lighten your load. Anyway, where we are going, you won’t need any bags.

In this evening session you will be introduced to the most important invitation of Deep Psychology–to unpack your psycho-spiritual limitations, one layer at a time. Without that extra baggage, you will be better able to hear the rhythms of your true nature and attune your heart-song with the creative power of the universe.

Sunday, 9/26
MORNING TWO | Awaken Your Lunar Core

9-10:30 am MT
Practice Inner Power Yoga āsana & meditation to release sleepy energy at your hips and lower spine.
NIGHT THREE | Take a Seat to Take a Stand
(also Remember Your Superpowers!)

6:30-8:30 pm MT
On night three of MIDDLE | WAY | ACTIVISM you will learn the most powerful meditation teachings for real-life transformation. Guided by the ancient story of Devī Māhātmya, you will receive the weapons and boons–the empowerment tools–of the Goddess. We will practice middle way activation for real-world engagement, to heal the relational wounds that hold you back from your most meaningful human experience and to recover the soul of the planet.

Tantrik teachings and Deep Psychology will remind you of your real-life superpowers until you are living your real-life power in this playful exploration of the entire universe. You will find that the dynamic Middle Way is your most meaningful place within it.

Monday, 9/27
MORNING THREE | Your Visionary Heart 

7-8:30 am MT
Practice Inner Power Yoga āsana & meditation to experience the healing potential of your visionary heart.
In this final community celebration, you will be invited into real-world middle way activism with sustainable encouragement from your own vital core. You will leave knowing your Self as whole...and part of something bigger than you can ever imagine.

Oh yes. This is going to be fun! 

I'll meet you there.
Compliments from a few STFs (student-teacher-friends).
The vast breadth and depth of Shakti’s wisdom and knowledge is perfectly matched and balanced by her expansive heart. She uses psychology and myth, holistic wisdom, experience, and the ancient texts and stories of yoga to infuse all of her teachings. She possesses a profound understanding of life and living as well as of death and dying. Shakti is thoughtful, spiritual, and sage. She teaches with grace from the depth of her own eternal light and shines it radiantly on everyone she meets. She IS Inner Power. She is love. I am continually grateful for the fortune that brought her into my life. It will be a lifelong connection.
Ingrid Sepahpur | Lincoln NE
My experience of Shakti cannot fully be put into words. I’m always left with a profound sense of being loved, included, ‘up-leveled’ and empowered whenever I work with her. She not only is an amazing wealth of knowledge, she also embodies the depth of yoga and lives it in all aspects of her life. She has cultivated an exquisite capacity to lead, relate, and transmit the wisdom of her studies through living it, living in integrity with it and walking the path through her life experience. She is a true diamond in today’s evolving world and human consciousness.
Thomas Radtke | Sedona AZ
Being a student of Shakti’s for more than ten years has given me the tools I need to face my shadows and expose my true light. Her innate wisdom to teach from the heart coupled with her genuine love of teaching, constantly inspires me to want to live my life from its highest potential as authentically as I can. Her gift and ability to share through storytelling makes learning from her a unique privilege unlike any other student/teacher experience. 
Colleen Rose | Miramar Lake FL
Studying under Shakti was an amazing spiritual awakening! She is the most studied individual I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She empowered each of us to find our own path as an instructor by educating us with science-based information. I am more then prepared to lead others to the wonderful path of yoga! 
Traci Rocho | Angola IN
Shakti has this unique joyously maternal intensity that provides a balance rare in practice. She is generously gentle and powerful in equal measure, teasing students to stretch their tolerance for the sweet and the hidden aspects of themselves. As she guides you through class, she leads you on a journey colored with myth, tantra, science, love, and likely many giggles—and you follow her every step of the way. She is the teacher who reminds you of your true nature and reflects that back to you: she offers you an experience of yourself as love...and patiently waits for you to take it.
Gretchen Fruchey | Fort Wayne IN
My life began feeling quite different after my first experience with Shakti, her energy and teachings are ones I will take with me all through life.  I learned the modality  of  love from Shakti and if we are going to change the hearts of others then we have to be the embodiment of love.  In a world desperately seeking love,  Shakti has managed  to be an effortless and endless wellspring  for others and herself.  I am forever grateful to not only be student but as Shakti says “a student/teacher/friend
Casey McVay | Crested Butte CO
Shakti is the kind of teacher you can practice and study with time and time again. Her unique transmissions encompass a multitude of layers. She is infinitely interesting and interested. In just one encounter, you’ll feel enriched and the teachings, the breadth she is capable of imprinting, will continue to expand and reveal itself for many moments to come.
Erin Watkins | Leadville CO
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3 Evening Workshops
Equinox Celebration
Weapons & Boons, in time for Navarātri
Asana , Meditation, Yoga Nidra & More!
3 Inner Power Yoga Practices
Take a Seat to Make a Stand
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