You Have Important Questions.
The Soul Artist Compass will guide you to discover your answers.
  • How do I break through the limitations that are holding me back from my most powerful creative expression? 
  • How do I clarify my passions into a clear and valuable leadership vision?
  • How can I develop and raise my voice as a spiritual leader?
  • What are the best and most effective ways to be heard?
  • How do I maintain a sustainable practice with integrity and authenticity?
Forty Days of Leadership Development
The SOUL ARTIST COMPASS provides action steps for using your personal stories, super-powers, and dream visions to help you navigate toward sharing your most empowered voice as a leader.
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Days 1-10
Establish your foundation.
Learn action steps for quelling Self-doubt.
  • Rewrite your personal myths.
  • Cultivate breakthrough courage and unwavering self-compassion
  • Establish a foundation for your leadership goals.
  • Shatter limitations and rise from creative hibernation.
Days 11-20
Stoke your passion.
Turn your desires into a clear path. 
  • Clarify your intentions and identify your creative power.
  • Turn your passion into possibility.
  • Transform your ideas into crystal vision.
  • Activate your learning lust and make your dreams a reality. 
Days 21-30
Empower your communication.
Share your voice and message.
  • Build your team/community through empowered communication.
  • Ask for help and get useful feedback.
  • Raise your inspired voice with unwavering courage. 
  • Utilize all your tools to lift off into creative action. 
Days 31-40
Take action. Take aim.
Sustain your leadership path.
  • Evaluate your progress and orient towards success.
  • Discover your most accurate aim.
  • Generate a consistent growth pattern.
  • Establish long term commitments and goals.…as well as a recovery plan for burnout or redirection.
Soul Artist's Compass is a one-on-one mentorship experience that leads you farther on the path of Soul Artist Awakening into soulfully inspired leadership. 

• Get your Psycho-Spiritual Bearings.
• Align with the Course of Destiny.
• Allow your Personal Myths to Guide you.
• Animate your Dream Images.
• Focus your Intention.
•  Share your Leadership Vision with the World.

Program includes daily action steps and 8 one/one mentorship calls for empowerment and accountability. 

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 The Soul Artist Treasury was founded by R.R. Shakti, PhD in 2020 as a platform for creative study & contemplative practice.