Soul Artist's Book Club
Myths & Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization
by Heinrich Zimmer
Find profound answers to some of the most meaningful questions about life, death, and your soul's true purpose. 
Meets Wednesdays 7:00-8:30 pm MT

Myths & Symbols
Some of my favorite Indian stories are featured in this book. Heinrich Zimmer provides a colorful portal into the transforming power of mythic symbols of the epic literature, folktales, and Pūrana texts.
Some say Zimmer's surveys of Indian Mythology serves to demystify the Hindu and Buddhist teachings, but I read this work as a plumb-line into the deepest mysteries.

Yoga has become a world wide practice that often deviates in value and intention from its origins.

When you explore the roots of yoga through the cultural stories that surround the practice, you find profound answers to some of the most meaningful questions about life, death, and your soul's true purpose. 
Join me!

Read the book.

Together, we will amplify its meaning.
Let's unpack the profound–and juicy–myths and symbols of India.

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Who AM I? 
I am a Contemplative is a dream come true to say that out loud. Inspired by a childhood attraction to story symbols and mystic wisdom, I offer a life-changing approach to Depth Psychology through mythic stories from around the world...and the soul stories found within your own heart.
I want to guide you home to your deepest inner power.

R.R. Shakti, PhD
9 Weeks of Soul Artist Book Club
Each 90 minute meeting includes live teachings to unpack the story symbols and archetypal wisdom, contemplative practice and action steps for practical alchemy; real-world transformation.

  • WEEK ONE | Dec. 1, 2021
    The Parade of Ants
    An Introduction to Tantra & Deep Psychology

    WEEK TWO | Dec. 15, 2021
    Vishnu & Māyā
    Līlā: the sacred play of an ever-evolving eternity.

    WEEK THREE | Dec. 22, 2021
    Serpents & Rivers
    Discover a treasury of life-affirming symbols.

  • WEEK FOUR | Dec. 29, 2021
    Serpents & Rivers Part 2
    Celebrate Winter Solstice with the ritual of the Sacred River.

    WEEK FIVE | Jan. 5 2021
    Shiva/Shakti | The Absolute Reality
    & the origins of desire.

    WEEK SIX | Jan. 12 2022
    Shiva/Shakti | Your True Nature: the creative power of the cosmos.

  • WEEK SEVEN | Jan. 19 2022
    God/dess Part 1
    The Supreme Warrior and the Mothers

    WEEK EIGHT | Jan. 26 2022
    God/dess Part 2
    Revelation of the Island of Jewels

    WEEK NINE | Feb. 2 2022
    The treasure is yours to own. what now?

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